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Featured Products

PlainsGold Avery


Like Byrd only better.  Superior drought tolerance. Its resistance to the curl mite gives protection from wheat streak and related viruses.


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KWA Tatanka


Developed at Hays, KS for tough Western Kansas conditions. Lots of yield potential here.  Dryland only.



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LCS Chrome


Top end yield potential,

superior straw strength and leaf health, proven performance.


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PlainsGold Canvas


A Byrd/Antero/Denali cross that adds excellent

rust protection to its very good wheat streak resistance. Tough dryland or high input irrigated, this new Colorado wheat excels.

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KS Dallas


New for 2020. WSMV resistance like no other, plus yield, drought tolerance, and end user quality.


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LCS Avenger


Excellent leaf health and exceptional straw

strength lets it excel on your better soils.



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Blend (Chrome/Tatanka/Canvas)


Our most popular option.  A ton of genetics allows it to perform no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Blends are planted on more acres in Kansas than any single variety.